the collective

Inspiring, empowering & connecting women to fulfil their creative dreams, through a culture of belonging and authenticity.  



the collective

Inspiring, empowering & connecting women to fulfil their creative dreams, through a culture of belonging and authenticity.  


Our next Inspire Collective event: Inspire Collective Think Tank, Feb 21st, Little Bird Cafe

You are welcome to join the Inspire Collective community, for a fluid evening to collectively 'workshop' our quarterly theme of 'Destiny.' 

What does destiny look like?  
Sound like?  
Feel like? 
What is the language of destiny?
Do you have a story around it? 
Creative expressions?
What have you produced or could produce, that showcases destiny?
Anything else?

This night is about grassroots conversation, sharing and collaboration, and shining the light on what is going on within the Inspire Collective community. It is about encouraging authentic connection and valuing the collective voice of the artists and creative entrepreneurs within our midst. 

We invite you to come and be immersed in a new era of the Inspire Collective experience!

Cate Williams 

What is the Inspire Collective?

In the Spring of 2014, Founder & CEO Cate Williams, opened her home to a group of 10 women who she'd met over the course of 6 months, who wanted her to mentor them in their creative dreams. After 12 months, the concept had grown beyond her lounge room and later moved to the Little Bird Cafe, to sell out crowds.  The Inspire Collective as we know it, was born.  

The Inspire Collective has fast become a movement that champions women to live their best lives, by inspiring, empowering and connecting them to fulfil their dreams, through a culture of belonging and authenticity.

Since the Inspire Collective's inception, we now hold an Inspire Collective gathering once every 3 months, have a thriving Dreambuilder Membership program with over 150 members, have started an Inspire Collective for Little Girls, have published our first magazine, have hosted annual retreats in Dunsborough, with plans to host a writer's retreat in France 2019, and will be expanding the Inspire Collective interstate come 2019, to Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.  

A great way to determine if the Inspire Collective is something you'd like to become a part of, is by first attending our quarterly collective at The Platform, in the Perth CBD.  Tickets include a welcome drink on arrival, delicious catered treats, the opportunity to hear from some incredible creative entrepreneurs that we like to call 'Inspirers,' as well as a take home gift. This night is simply about creating a space where we can all come, as we are, to connect with other women who have a common interest in bettering themselves and finding a community to do it with.

Each Inspirer is asked to create an Inspired Space that reflects who they are and showcases what they are working on creatively at the moment, or whatever else they want to do.

An Inspired Space gives you the opportunity to engage with the speakers' stories in a corner of the room, or at a table on your own, to ask your questions, to read more about their stories and to be able to support them financially by taking home their drawings/baked goods and music, or whatever else they are offering.

We are grassroots, real and a judgement free zone. 

Everyone has a story, and we believe that we have been put on the earth to express it.


Inspire.  Belong.  Champion.  Empower.



Inspire.  Belong.  Champion.  Empower.


The Inspire Collective is all about inspiring women to become their best selves.

We dream of creating a beautiful, inspiring, connection-rich, spiritually reviving environment, where women thrive and become all they were destined to be  |  We dream of encouraging women to pursue their most authentic selves, to dare not only to dream, but to risk and then create  |  We dream of an ‘inspiration’ of women emerging who are characterised by getting one another’s backs, who champion one another and who dare to be seen for who they are.

We believe that everyone has a story and that you have been put on the earth to express it.

We see a strong tribe of women releasing their stories, whether that be through writing, painting, song, drama, dance, photography etc.  We understand that our story has the power to bring transformation to the lives of those around us   | We believe in the silver lining of our stories: the redemptive, restorative, beautiful edge  |  We dream of resurrecting dreams that we thought had long since died  |  We dream of making peace with the parts of our selves that we thought were our very worst and in making a commitment that we are enough.

We dream of creating a culture that is authentic, real and vulnerable.

We value massive generosity and excellence  |   We understand that we are all on a journey and we are respectful of where everyone is on that journey  |  We dream of creating an environment that stirs the imagination and gives you permission to risk, in a community of women who are creatively pursuing connection with other wholehearted women in the marketplace  |  We aim for a space that is framed above all by love, community, patience and understanding |  We dream of rewriting the narrative of our lives, going from hopelessness to strong stories of hope, love and joy  |  We aim to celebrate one another’s gifts and talents and believe that when you find your tribe you find a safe place to create.

We see a mentor rich, collaboration rich space to grow, learn and dream in |  We have hopes of this space becoming a networking vehicle, a piece in the puzzle to finding a tribe that speaks your language  |  We believe we are made in the image of our Creator, therefore we celebrate not only beauty as a by product of creativity, but that of our Creator, who gives us this creativity in the first place. He is the source of comfort, peace, hope, life, healing, restoration and love.

We believe that a part of who we are is God artists.  In this way, we desire to direct people toward a God who promises a FULL life.

John 10:10

“I have come so that they may have life, and life to the full.”


Our Community

Join Our Community


Our Community

Join Our Community


Notes from The Collective...

I felt at home! You truly inspired us in a very caring & encouraging way to go after our dreams, passion & to be all that we have been designed/created to be.  I love your heart. Thank you so much. God bless!

I showed up feeling like a fraud and like I was going to be taking up the space of a "real" person who deserved to be there more than me. I walked away feeling connected, empowered, validated and of course, so inspired.

You have so inspired me!! I'm excited and a lot more confident to ask for mentors, collaborations and my ability in my creativity and my business. Thank you so much!!


2019 Calendar

2019 Calendar

Inspire Collective 2019 Calendar.jpg

Inspire Collective Quarterly Gatherings

Thursday 21 March

Thursday 20 June

Thursday 29 Aug

Thursday 21 Nov

Country Inspire Collectives

Saturday 18 May - Busselton 

Saturday 3 Aug - Geraldton 

Little Girls Inspire Collective (7-12 year olds)

Saturday 16 Feb - Valentines Picnic

Sunday 14 April - Workshop (TBC)

Saturday 13 July - Workshop TBC

Saturday 12 Oct - Workshop (TBC)

Saturday/Sunday 2- 3 Nov - Glamping Retreat 

Dreambuilder Member Dinners

Thursday 28 March

Thursday 27 June

Thursday 5 Sept

Thursday 28 Nov

Volunteer Appreciation Events

Sunday afternoon 21 July

Sunday afternoon 7 Dec

Inspire Community Think Tanks

Thursday 21 Feb Thursday 9 May
Thursday 25 July Thursday 17 October

Inspire Collective Annual Retreat

Friday 20 & Saturday 21 September