I felt at home! You truly inspired us in a very caring & encouraging way to go after our dreams, passion & to be all that we have been designed/created to be.  I love your heart. Thank you so much. God bless!

I showed up feeling like a fraud and like I was going to be taking up the space of a "real" person who deserved to be there more than me. I walked away feeling connected, empowered, validated and of course, so inspired.

I really appreciate the authenticity of the hosts and believe they are great leaders in showing us women how to appreciate each other for our differences rather than being in competition to each other.

I love how everyone was loved and appreciated and acknowledged for their uniqueness and for their creativity. And loved that everyone was real about the pitfalls and challenges that creatives face.

The evening was successful but what really blew me away and impressed me so much was how approachable you all were.

Creating a great supportive and encouraging, safe environment for women to come together, no matter what level of creativeness they're at and being inspired to be all God created them to be.

Made EVERYONE feel like whatever they have, whatever gift, small or large they are VALUABLE :)

I ended up with a sleep hangover for days as it was so hard to get to sleep as my head and heart was absolutely buzzing with excitement and amazement of what God is doing amongst his girls. Arrrrgggghhhh so good!!!! Can't wait for the retreat, it is going to be a priority to get there. Because of being in the presence of you beauties God is certainly opening me to realise that all I need to do is have a go and believe in my abilities and talents and to use them.

I loved the sense of inclusiveness! There was so much diversity, yet everyone was welcome at the table.

Respect Integrity Organization Friendliness Openess Honesty Attractive Inspired me with open arms and a knowing of, I get you.

Had a great time - really glad that this is happening in Perth so thank you for organising it!

It was my first collective & I was a bit nervous but I was instantly put at ease when I entered, so for me that was something that was done very well. I had not experienced before at other gatherings.

You have so inspired me!! I'm excited and a lot more confident to ask for mentors, collaborations and my ability in my creativity and my business. Thank you so much!!

The variety of platform given to different women to share their stories was truly inspiring and so encouraging! I think we learn most through eachother's honesty and courage to say "I'm still learning, I'm still growing too!"