Inspire Collective France 2020

We invite you to an intimate twelve-person writers retreat in Confolens, France with Cate Williams and Elaine Fraser. Your host, Sharon Delaporte, will share her home and cook for you in a most delightful village. 

Imagine a quiet space to write, workshops, one-on-one sessions with Elaine, evening reading sessions sharing your work over a glass of wine in a beautiful house, beautiful food, and friends to share all this with. What a dream!

You can punctuate your writing time with relaxation and find inspiration in walking around the beautiful village. An evening restaurant visit is planned and on one day we will take an excursion into the surrounding area. 

What this adds up to is a wonderful stay in the south of France–good food, local wine, French ambience, and a world perspective for your writing. Getting out of your bubble and expanding your horizons is so good for your writing–no matter what you write. 

Taking yourself out of your everyday life and going on a retreat gives you focused, deep creative time and space. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great aims to log one thousand hours of deep creative time every year. This retreat will give you the opportunity to get away from your normal routine and bank some creative hours.

If you’ve ever spent time with other writers, you quickly discover just how empowering and inspiring it can be to meet with like-minded people.

Do you want to write a book or hone your writing skills? 

Join us from 27th April to May 2nd 2020 if you want to do some deep creative work and write.  

The retreat is deliberately backed onto the April school holidays for families who may be considering a European holiday, or for teachers who may be able to add a few days to the first term break. 

Our cost for the retreat component will be $1995.  Airfares are additional.  

If you’re serious about investing in time to write and be inspired, then come to France with Cate, Sharon, and Elaine. 

We’re limiting it to twelve, so get in early.